Monday, December 3, 2012

PS 1.5 - warning, please wait for mature version!

Long time no blogging, I'll see if I can rectify that...

I've been playing around with PS 1.5.2 for a bit and I must say that 1.5 is not yet mature.
Some bugs I've found:
  • Installing 1.5.2 breaks other installations if same database is used! - I installed 1.5.2 and supplied db-prefix hk_, after install, all references to Swedish was wiped out from my old installation that has ps_ as db-prefix.
  • With a Swedish browser (tested with FF 16 and IE 9) and registring a new address as customer, El Salvador is proposed as country (see old blog post for plausible reason).
  • For apparently no reason, sometimes all products show up twise; if this happens, don't delete the duplicates since that removes the originals too.
  • When searching for products, either via the search box or by clicking a tag, some products are listed with a price of 0; in other views (featured, category etc) the price is shown OK). In the cart, prices are OK so no monetary risk but not very pretty.
  • The Suppliers Block is broken: The title bar is not a link, if code is changed to make it work clicking it shows "There are no suppliers." ($nbSuppliers that is supposed to hold the number of suppliers is 0 and no variables holds any supplier-info.)
  • The MoneyBookers Module has a small issue that the image that is supposed to show up has the wrong name in the code (or the image is not included/has the wrong name).
  • It is getting increasingly difficult to get help via the forum.
  • I'm not sure if reporting bugs does any good since there is absolutely zero feedback.
  • Not that many Modules/Themes are ported/developed for 1.5 because, I would think, of the issues with that version.
I'll try to get back soon with some information on a couple of tweaks I've done.

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