Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prestashop 1.4

Just upgraded and one important difference from earlier versions is that no(?) changes will take effect unless you first go to Preferences/Performance and change Force Compile to Yes and Cache to No.
After the code change and a verification of it being OK, don't forget to restore the settings or you will have a very slow site.

Prestashop as Bookstore Part 4 - Details in product lists

I have done several modifications to make PrestaShop usable as a bookstore and I will try to sum it up in a few blog posts.

(I don't really have time for this, but a new post is overdue ++)

To put tags in the product list:
In classes/product.php, find eg

$row['features'] = Product::getFrontFeaturesStatic((int)$id_lang, $row['id_product']);

and add the line

$row['tags'] = Tag::getProductTags($row['id_product']);

In eg themes/yourtheme/product-list.tpl, find the line


and add

{if $product.location}
{if $product.tags}

{if $lang_iso == sv} {assign var='lng' value=4}{else} {assign var='lng' value=1} {/if}
{assign var='tag1' value=$product.tags[$lng]}
{assign var='delimiter' value=''}
{l s='Authors'}:
{foreach from=$tag1 item=tag}{$delimiter} {$tag|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}{assign var='delimiter' value=','}{/foreach}

To put features at the same place
In eg themes/yourtheme/product-list.tpl, at the same place as for the tags, add

{if $product.features}

{assign var='go' value='0'}
{foreach from=$product.features item=feature}
{foreach from=$feature item=rank}
{if $go}Rank: {$rank}<br />{/if}
{if $rank == '40.Suggested rank'}{assign var='go' value='1'}
{else} {assign var='go' value='0'}

Short explanation of the code:
I use tags for authors and location to pin a item as a book, other parts of the logic may or may not be of use for you, the delimeter jazz is so that one tag appears as "foo" and tho tags as "foo, bar", ie comma separated.
The features array looks like this
Length, 10 cm, height, 2 cm, weight, 2 kg...
So I search for "Suggested rank" and print the following value. I only use one feature, but there is nothing stopping you from using more.

Edit: Forgot to add a picture of how it looks